Portway Tool & Gauge - Processing Capabilities

Processing Capabilities

To complement our extensive design capabilities, we have at our disposal a well equipped factory which includes some of the best facilities within the toolmaking industry.

Specifically we have :-

German and Swiss CNC milling machines
Charmilles wire erosion machines
Try out facilities up to 200 tonnes
substantial handling facilities
CMM inspection facilities (digital Co-ordinate Measuring Machine)

Try Out Facilities

Hydraulic 100ton Press

Charmilles Wire Erosion Machines

Carmilles Wirte Erosion Machines

CMM Facility

Tesa 454 Component Measuring Machine

The CMM facility allows the inspection of tooling parts during any stage of the manufacturing process providing astounding levels of accuracy.

Deckel Maho

Dekel Maho DMC125U

The new Deckel Maho DMC125U machine was bought to increase capacity at Portway and to enable the company to run 24 hours a day and without operator attendance.

Chiron FZ12w VMC

Chiron FZ12w VMC

Charmilles Cut 20 and Cut 30 Wire Errosion Machines

Agie Charmilles Cut and Cut 30 Wire Errosion Machines

Plant Capability

Wire Erosion Machines

2 Off Charmilles Robofil 6030si Cutting Axis 600 x 400 x275mm
1 off Charmilles Cut 20 CNC Wire EDM Machine 900 x 680 x 250mm
1 off Charmilles Cut 30 CNC Wire EDM Machine1050 x 800 x 350mm

Surface Grinding Machines

1 Off MD160 Favretto Grinding Machine 1600 x 850mm
1 Off Jones & Shipman Surface Grinders Model 540 18" x 6"
2 Off Jones & Shipman Surface Grinders Model 1400 24" x 6"
1 Off Jones & Shipman Surface Grinders Model 1011P 27" x 12"

Milling/ Boring Machines

1 Off MIKRON Model WF 71D/18 with Heidenhain TNC 407 Interface Control 1000 x 500 x 500mm
1 Off MIKRON Model WF 51D/18 with Heidenhain TNC 355 Interface Control 710 x 500 x 460mm
3 Off EZITRACK Bridgeport Milling Machine 36" x 12" x 14"
1 Off Bridgeport Milling Machines each with DRO 36" x 12" x 14"
1 Off Ajax Horizontal Milling Machine 36" x 13" x 16"
2 Off Heckert Vertical Milling Machine 72" x 20" x 16"
1 Off DECKEL MAHO DMC 125U Twin Pallet 1250 x 880 x 800mm
1 Off Chiron FZ12w Verrtical Machining Centre


1 Off Colchester 2000 Centre Lathes.

Other Equipment

1 Off Startrite Bandsaw
1 Off Alpha Midsaw
1 Off Hyster Fork Lift Truck
1 Off Heli Forklift Truck
1 Off Lansing Bagnall electric Fork Lift Truck
1 Off Midgley & Sutcliffe 3' 6" Arm Radial Drill
1 Off Bowes 5' Arm Radial Drill
4 Off Various Pedestal Drills
1 Off Vaqua Kompact Wet Blast Machine
1 Off Tesa 454 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
1 Off Stankompress - 100 Ton Capacity
3 Off Overhead Craneage - 3 Tons capacity
1 Off Craig and Donald 200 Ton Press, Bed Area 84" x 48" Twin Cushion
1 Off Brown and Sharp Minstral Co-Ordinate measuring machine CNC


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About Portway Tool and Gauge Limited

Portway Tool and Gauge was formed in 1976 and is renowned today, throughout the industry, for technical excellence in press toolmaking. We always play to our strengths, concentrating on press toolmaking including: blanking, piercing, compound tools, multistage progression tooling as well as special purpose machinery.

Portway Tool and Gauge are customer-led in philosophy and we can respond to virtually any requirement. Our investment in technology means that we can offer what the industry demands today - absolute precision combined with some of the shortest lead times in the business.

Our commitment to on time deliveries, an after sales service that's second to none and a belief in on-going investment means Portway are the people to do business with, now and for the future.

Gauge and Toolmakers Association   ISO9001 Acredited